:: my baby brother is in love :: Sydney Portrait Photographer

Meet my baby brother, Kane ! He entered my life when I was nine years old and what an glorious impact he made. I still recall my nanny telling us (my brother, Kristian, and I) that we had a new BROTHER! We danced on the bed and could barely wait to meet him on the following day. At such a teeny tiny age I adopted the role of sister and "little mother." It takes all my might not to fulfill the second of those roles today! I can hear him now......"I am not in the mood for a lecture sis." Evidently he is all grown up and is madly in love !! Our family has great enthusiasm for this gorgeous girl, Lauren (aka Muzzy). Mum loves her, I love her, my sister in law, Carly, loves her !! No pressure Kane....no pressure at all baby ;-) Here are a few piccies, I captured a couple of weeks ago, when we spent the weekend together down the coast! Hope you like them Muzzy xxx