THE MAGIC OF JINKY | Sydney Children's Photographer

Just over three weeks ago I was grateful to immerse myself in a self indulgent weekend of photography....ahhhh the serenity!Not just any photography, but rather that of the awesome Barb Uil of JinkyArt. Surrounded by a group of 11 talented women, we endeavoured to soak up some of that Jinky magic! As I watched Barb in action it was blindingly obvious why all her images convey such connection and are chock full of giggles - her subjects essentially mirror her - she loves what she does and she laughs a lot!!!

Barb shared, what seemed like, an endless vault of photographic & business knowledge, we gave our cameras a good run and made some great friends along the way. Oh and we laughed a lot.....my cheeks were sore.....such a great feeling :-) Thanks Barb xx

A big thank you to Kate Buechner of Uber Photography for hosting the weekend with such generosity and warmth.

And a few images to tell the story ..............