a sweet and loving heart | Sydney pregnancy photographer

The Mother of Twins A meeting convened one day in Heavens sacred hall. The Ideal mother must be found for twins so sweet and small.

She must be patient, first of all, and kind and calm and wise. And capable of chasing tears away from little eyes.

She'd have to put her children first and be so very smart Have dedication and resolve, a sweet and loving heart.

They all agreed you were the best. No other mom would do. Yes, Heaven found the perfect one and sent those twins to you! ....................................................................

I met Cass my first day on the job, as an Occupational Therapist, working for an insurance company. They had seconded us to a call centre "for a few weeks" prior to commencing the role we had been employed for. I was introduced to Cass and was expecting the usual "hello, nice to meet you Angie." But no it went a little more like this...." Hi Angie, nice to meet you {big smile}. When you start down here tomorrow be sure to bring your pillow because this work is soooo BORING!! Wow I had an instant love for her. She became my partner in crime. She covered for me when I was late (quite often), she shopped with me at lunch (we spent half our pay on shoes) and most importantly she left work at exactly 4pm on a Friday to commence our weekend celebrations xx Oh my how life has changed ;-) Now ten years later my darling Cass has been blessed with twins and as the poem quotes above, I believe that God has certainly chosen the best girl for the job xx Not long to go now Cass baby! I will be praying for the safe arrival of your gorgeous babies and can hardly wait to meet them (and maybe take a few photos!!).