TAKING TIME TO LIVE WILL ONLY INSPIRE YOUR WORK...... | Sydney Children's Photographer

.....well that's what I'm praying for anyway !!! As many of you may already know, my family and I are making the big move to Annecy, France !! It will be a year long adventure for us, exploring a new country, making new friends, eating yummy new food, desperately attempting to grasp a new language, driving on the opposite side of the road......and the list goes on! Our plan at this stage is to board the plane sometime in late July and make our way over, with a few stopovers. I'm hoping for a spot of Italy or the Greek Islands personally, but we shall wait and see! Flying by the seat of our pants much ?? My little blog will continue, but on a somewhat more personal note. For a whole 12 months I won't be officially working but I have a feeling my camera will be on overdrive. I would so love you to stick around for the ride. The images I have seen of Annecy are just breathtaking.....the lake, the markets, the architecture and of course, the people. As the title of my blog explains, I see the coming year as a time to develop my skills, a time to explore and gather inspiration but most importantly, a time to be with my precious family and soak up what the world has to offer xx

I plan to wrap things up here in Sydney by the end of May but still have a few sessions available at this point. Whilst I'm away I will be most happy to refer you on to a wonderful photographer and friend, so feel free to email me for more information! I promise you will not be disappointed in her work :-) Love Angie xox