New home and new adventures | Sydney Northern Beaches Photographer

As many of you know my family and I spent a year travelling around the globe. Our crazy ultimate adventure. We've been home for almost a year now and its hard to comprehend where that time has gone! With grateful hearts we are living in Sydney's sunny Northern Beaches. Life is good & we're spending plenty of time in the water. My boys are learning to surf (my husband never stops surfing!!!) and I'm now able to catch it all on camera. A few weeks ago I got my hot little hands on an Aquatech Underwater Housing. My camera slides inside, I buckle it all down and into the icy water I plunge. My cheeks were sore, from smiling, the first time I took it out. Needless to say this new toy of mine is going to get a solid workout. Here are but a few of my fave captures (of one of my most favourite friends) thus far.

Love Angie x